Genesis member NFT

click "Grant" to get genesis NFT

Each founding member is an active participant in AbiDAO's early activities, selected from designated friends in offline gatherings on WeChat groups, and their membership has been approved by administrators in the early stages.

  1. Open the AbiDAO page, and if you are already a member, the member NFT's logo will be displayed in your personal profile. Otherwise, it will look like the following:

  2. Select the Grant submenu, and you will enter the page to claim your founding membership:

  3. The page will display the icon style of the NFT that the next member will receive. Enter your preferred member name in the Member Name field, which can be in Chinese or English, or any other nickname. Click "Grant".

  4. Confirm the information prompt from MetaMask, and wait a moment to complete the claim process. (Note: You must have ETHW tokens as gas fees. You can purchase a small amount from your friends, as AbiDAO's participation does not rely on ETH as a consumption.)

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