Spawn member NFT

Spawn new member by the genesis members

Other members need to have the recommendation of existing members to become a member of the DAO.

  1. Open the AbiDAO page, if you are already a member, your personal profile will display the member NFT logo. If not, it will appear as shown below.

  2. Select the "ApplyNFT" page to start the membership application process.

  3. Fill in your preferred member name (in Chinese, English, or any nickname) under "Member Name" and click "Apply."

  4. You will need to contact other members who have NFTs to vote on your membership application. Ask them to select the "Spawn" page, where if you have applied, your name will appear in a box (note: you cannot manually enter data, it depends entirely on whether your data is on the chain). Click "Spawn."

  5. Once you have received votes from four members, you will receive a member NFT, which can be seen in your profile after logging in.

  6. Please note that spawning applications requires a high cost of $ABIs tokens, and members who agree to vote must have at least 100 $ABIs.

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